“Non è la specie più forte che sopravvive, né la più intelligente, ma quella che si adatta meglio al cambiamento”

What are we specialized in?

Applications for desktop and mobile devices based on specific requirements provided by the customer. Our solutions specifically address:

App for Smartphone

We design and build APPs for mobile devices by employing cross-platform technologies in order to streamline development costs while preserving full compatibility in both Android and iOS environments.

Management Applications

We digitize internal customer processes, procedures, and workflows by building web-usable applications using a common browser with the goal of improving operational efficiency and providing simplified access to necessary resources.


We design and implement e-commerce solutions by integrating them with the most popular payment systems ensuring functionality, security and shopping experience meeting current market standards.


We build websites in WordPress environment, develop plugins for integration in case of need for advanced features ensuring attractive and intuitive designs that can increase online visibility.

01Our working process

1 Analysis of customer needs

2 Transparent evaluation on cost and timing

3 Approach to the user interface

4 Design customization

5 Prototype realization

6 Detailed product planning

7 Agile and iterative development

8 Extensive testing on multiple platforms

9 Launch and post-launch support

02Key features of our solutions

Security and reliability

Attention to security aspects both during development and throughout the entire software life cycle is an essential prerogative of our applications.

Speed and performance

We develop application code to ensure adequate performance and response time by using the best technologies and market-leading hosting partners.

Modern impact

Our graphic designers are always looking for Client-pleasing solutions that have a modern impact in line with current trends.

Responsive interfaces

We develop applications with a keen eye on all issues of adaptation to major fixed and mobile devices.

Functionality and features

Through effective interaction with the Client, all functional requirements and technical features necessary to achieve project objectives are scrupulously transferred to the development team.

Support and maintenance

User support in the use of applications and troubleshooting issues or updates and applications are two key phases of the relationship with our Customers.

03How to navigate the choice between APP types

Below is a table comparing three distinct approaches to mobile application development:

Main elements of comparison Native Apps Web App Hybrid Apps
Developed for a specific operating system (Android, iOS) Yes No No
Execution speed High Low Medium
Use of phone features High Low Medium
Request for connectivity No Yes Yes
Request for installation on your phone Yes No Yes
Web browser usage Low High Low
Implementation costs High Low Medium
Release on Android and iOS stores Yes No Yes
Level of maintainability Complex Simple Medium

04What is responsive design and why is it important?

Responsive design is a technique that allows a website to fit and look good on different devices, such as computers, tablets, and phones. It is important to provide an optimal user experience on all platforms.